It was back in May that I first met Lissa and Jonathan and they commissioned me to photograph their wedding at the wonderfully picturesque Hampton Court House. What a fabulous venue, set in Bushey Park and full of history and atmosphere; a perfect place for such a great couple to tie the knot.

It was my first time shooting at Hampton Court House and I was made to feel very welcome by the staff and wedding co-ordinator, who herself was a keen photographer. 

I arrived before any of the guests or wedding party, as I prefer to do, and set about capturing the grandeur of the venue in the glorious August sunshine, as well as the flowers and other personal touches Lissa and Jonathan had added.

Jonathan arrived with his groomsmen and began organising the final preparations to the venue and ensuring everyone who arrived was greeted with a warm smile. 

Then, out of the blue came an almighty downpour, making guests and staff make a dash for cover.  The unmistakeable sign of British summer appeared, the umbrella, and it looked as though the sun had packed it's bags and gone home for the day!

As the time drew nearer to Lissa's arrival the look of disappointment on many of the guests faces was replaced with smiles as the sun forced it's way through the clouds.  The timing was perfect as a few minutes later, Lissa drew up outside the venue. Umbrellas were hastily hidden away, and she appeared, as radiant as the sun, in a stunning dress.  

I truly believe that the remainder of the images here need no further words from me, so please enjoy.

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